Over 200 Aircraft & 25,000 Real Airports

Date: Wednesday, September 7.
From: The Virtual Pilot Team
Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre, John Irwin

Experiencing the best flight simulator in the world

Pursue your dreams with the Virtual Pilot 3D flight simulation game. Have you ever dreamt of being a pilot in real life? A pilot who would fly in the skies and view the world from the top? You can now dream of taking to the skies like a real pilot. A pilot who would fly all across the world, viewing different sceneries and different places in the world.Then you should try out this new game called the Virtual Pilot 3D flight simulatorgame. This would take you to the closest thing to flying in the skies. This new flight simulator game has some of the best state of the art features and controls in the cockpit that would make you believe that you are a real pilot! Read this article to know the different features and benefits of the game and why one would love to play the same from the comfort of their home.  What makes Virtual 3D flight simulator one of the best games?

There are various other flight simulator games, but all these games have some or the other flaws in them that makes playing really frustrating. Now what are the basic problems with these games and why the Virtual Pilot surpasses all the rest.   Poor selection of topography and aircraft that is not updated

Most of the gaming software is not updated with proper features and their database does not have with the best working aircrafts. The game is very poorly designed and at the same time they cannot be downloaded properly. Some of the aircraft models do not even work well as they are not updated properly.  Unrealistic dynamics of flights and cockpit are not properly modeled

The cockpit of these planes is not scientifically designed and most of the controls do not have proper functions. The set up of the plane is also pathetic.           Very slow and never seem to work

The set up is really slow and complicated and never seems to work properly. The different aircraft models are really slow and they cannot be downloaded from the Internet, even you have a very high upgraded computer.           Poorly laid graphics and sceneries

The graphics of the games are really poor and you would feel as if you are sitting in a toy plane with cartoons around you. Most of the plane Sims comprise of poor graphics and sceneries that are not worth it.      Out of date approach database for all airports

No updated database and lacks in a variety of ways.The virtual 3D flight simulator has been made in a well-designed and well-planned and thoughtful manner that makes the game a really interesting play. This is a new simulator that has been designed with the latest updated technology that will change the way you experience in playing flight games.The Virtual pilot 3D has been made with well-planned and proper consideration after 5 years of intense developments and research with FAA and NASA. After so many flight simulators were made and contained so many flaws, this is one of the best flight simulators that comprises of the best features with user guidesThis game has a flight SIM that is also used by actual pilots that helps you to fly almost anywhere in the world. This is a complete up to date package with real terrains and features that let you experience flying at its best. Travel all over the world and experience some of the best stunning sceneries all around the world.

Comprises of the best scenery

This game is simply stunning and unbelievable and that is what makes it one of the most favorite virtual realistic games.The Virtual Pilot 3D game has been designed to contain 100% real sceneries based all over the world, with real cockpits and a real aircraft. No other flight simulator comprises of such features that makes it one of the most realistic games of the 21st century. Every aspect of the game has been thoughtfully designed to give you the state of the art flying experience in the clear blue and azure skies. The game comprises of a full sized, well-designed cockpit with all functions and features like a real aircraft, the best flight dynamics that have been scientifically designed. You would feel as if you are a real pilot who is sitting on a real plane.

This game is so real that it can also be used as a live training platform for real pilots! Before training on a real plane you can easily train in this Virtual Pilot 3D flight simulator and then go on to the real plane. The game is FAA certified and has been used as a training platform to train professionals as an alternative to the original large flight simulators. The game has also been certified for commercial use and is continually updated and checked for FAA certifications. This game is also currently in the beta testing mode in various participating flight schools all over the world. The game is imbibed with some of the best and amazing features that are worth appraising.

      Flight some of the best 200 aircrafts including planes and helicopters

    Fly an assortment of the best aircrafts comprising of helicopters to Airbus 380 and more in Virtual Pilot 3D.It gives players the chance to know a huge number of aircrafts in the very first moment. Fly a wide range of over 200+ aircrafts which no other flight simulator offers you. You have a vast assortment of choices to choose from and can experience flying a variety of aircraft models than actually real pilots! Test your flying skills with a number of planes and compare different kinds of planes and how they feel while flying.

You can even talk about your experiences with a real pilot at bay. This is one of the most memorable experiences that you can have. You can fly in any seat that you like, control any view of the plane and drive the plane, as it requires to be driven in real life. The plane uses real life data so you would have to search for a location and plan your flight between the airport and the selected destination as well.

          Realistic controls in Real cockpits
    The Virtual 3d pilot has some of the best features including a cockpit that is almost like a real one. Possessing of some of the real features this game actually has accurate controls of the cockpit, good quality sound and visuals that would completely immerse you in the game. All cockpits have been well designed with a scientific approach and are 100% accurate and are based on real life like models of aircrafts. The panels and the controls are absolutely like real aircrafts and the simulator has been built in a way to provide you with a complete flying experience in the skies. All aircrafts in the game have an interactive built in tutorial that guides you through the flight control panels, which would help you to learn the steps of flying quickly.
                       Realistic instruments
   The aircraft has realistic instrument behavior that can accurately imitate the controls and their reactions. The wind and the weather instrument give you real effects while flying the plane. You can also experience instrument and system failures that are inbuilt in the Virtual 3D pilot system. If you were flying in a turbulent weather, the controls would fail like in real life, giving you a feeling that you are in danger. The controls can also react in emergency situations in the same way as real life including failures and instruments. The realistic instruments would give you a feeling that you are maneuvering a real plane.
   A chance to land on 25000 airports worldwide

Did you know that the Pilot 3D flight simulator gives you an option to land worldwide at over 25,000 real world airports? You can chose to take off at any airport and then land at some other airport. You can even choose to land on the runway of your local city. Choose from your favorite runway, airport and weather conditions from the launch wizard and you can roam all around the world sitting at the comfort of your cozy room.
                         Realistic sceneries

You can choose from an assortment of scenery that can be breathtaking! This game uses 3D, real life topographies from Google Maps that makes you feel that you are in the place. Virtual Pilot 3D also takes into account the seasonal effects and can also be set according to the time of the day .The sun; moon and planets would look as if they are right behind you and in their correct paths while you are sitting in the cockpit. The real life world scenery has been designed with utmost care and accuracy. You can visualize ground lighting in urban areas as you fly up, car headlight far below, airport approach lights and tower warning lights. They are an all in one state of the art experience.
     The Weather condition that can be changed

Virtual Pilot 3D provides the best real time weather. For e.g., if it is raining in the USA, it would rain in the USA in the game as well. It comprises of a built in sync technology that helps you to set the weather real time. You can also choose to fly in any weather condition. You can also use the actual live weather data from the NOAA weather service. If you are landing at an airport, you can choose the weather conditions of the place, including temperature, humidity and dew point, density of pressure, visibility and wind. Perk yourself up to fly in thick and dense foggy conditions as well as thunderstorms, lighting and torrential rai
          Full ATC and navigation in cockpit

Witness some of the best ATC system compared to other available flight sim. You would get Ground towers, network coverage, Departure and approach and ATC centers. You can also get the accurate instrument plates for a variety of airports as well as GPS waypoints. Fly via a real airline route by constructing a route using actual waypoints, approach procedures and take off and landing routes like in real life.
                        Worldwide sceneries

With Virtual Pilot 3D, you can fly anywhere in the world on your own. Explore the highest mountain ranges the Himalayas, the longest river Nile, the Grand Canyon in USA, the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and thousands of endless scenic beauties beyond your imagination.
        Hardware support and multi use license

The Virtual Pilot 3D supports all kinds of hardware’s that comprise of flight control systems, joysticks, cruise control sticks, flight pedal, Track IR and yoke that would give you a realistic flight experience. The game is compatible with all versions of windows that support up to 9 monitors for a great immersing experience. There are no restrictions as well while installation.
      Multiplayer as well as single player options

This game has a multiplayer option where you would not have to fly all by yourself. You can meet with other virtual pilots in the game and explore the world. You can find the location of other pilots with the help of the Google Map finder and then interact with them. There are options where you can also choose army planes and then start a war with other planes.You can have a look at the different pictures and judge for yourself


Here is what satisfied customers have to say

Trey Godwin, a private pilot of Broomfield says that this is one of the most beautiful games that he has played. The game is realistic and at the same time every effect and particle is breathtaking

You can also fly the plane sitting on any seat and control the views of the plane from any side and direction. The cockpit functions really well as they are supposed to in real life. The weather system is also amazing and I recommend this for national as well as international purpose.

    A complete overview of the different features of the plane

– Choose from an assortment of over 200+ aircrafts, planes and helicopters that you can experience and compare with one another
– Fly some of the rarest of planes like Airbus 380 and 1903 Wright flyers and military aircrafts and experience different features and functions of the different planes
– Choose from over 25000 real life airports in the game
– The game has some of the best built in interactive tutorials that would guide you during the game. There are flight control guides, panel control guides and cockpit guides that would help you to maneuver new aircrafts.
– Experience real life helicopter landing on the edge of cliffs, on top of mountains and on the sea
– Experience the change of elevation while a plane takes off from a runway and understand how the plane tilts towards a slope like in real life
– Realistic controls and best instrumental behavior that comprises of the compass, taco meter and others.
– Is compatible with all hardware’s and can be used with foot pedals, throttles, yoke and more
– You are aware of the different places in the world with the help of Google Maps
– The game is accompanied with video tutorials so that you can learn to fly even if you are an amateur.
– Experience landing on an Aircraft carrier like the Nimitz and the Eisenhower
– Can be played by a number of players at a time
– Has enhanced realistic scenery with different cities, landscapes, lakes, oceans, mountains and more.
– Has an air to air refueling feature
– Supports all versions of Windows
– You can also obtain free updates for life from the open source community

Advanced features for pilots who would like to train

Intelligent Air Traffic control

Virtual Pilot 3D has some of the best Air Traffic systems that comprise of Grounds, Tower departure, Approach and center ATC. The Air traffic control services are well designed and formulated to give you a realistic experience. You can also request takes off and landing, request vectors to airports, obtain an ATIS for an airport and also request ILS and LOC.

Fly on a real airline route

Fly via a real airline route by constructing a route using actual waypoints, approach procedures and take off and landing routes like in real life. You just need to fill in the required information comprising of arrival and departure, altitude, the kind of route you want, and waypoints with frequencies.

Autopilot mode and instrumental flying

The game comprises of user-friendly Auto Pilot modes with multiple controls. Enjoy some of the best sceneries while you are flying in the sky. The cockpit supports six flying instruments

* The Airspeed Indicator
* The Attitude Indicator
* The Altimeter
* The Turn Coordinator
* The Directional Gyro
* The Vertical Speed Indicator

Advanced navigation features

Experience the state of the art navigation features that comprise of VOR, ILS, GPS, and NDB navigation like in real life.

Scenery designer software and flight planner

Flight Pilot 3D gives you an option to create your own scenery including landmarks, buildings and landscapes, as well as different scenic beauties of the world. The state of the art software helps you to design the scenic beauties well. The flight planner software also allows you to customize the flight quickly to any destination before taking off.

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Virtual Pilot 3D is one of the most realistic and inclusive flight simulation games that are available in the market. There are various positive customer testimonials by a number of people as well as the developers themselves. Let’s see what some people have to say

Play opine that Virtual Pilot 3D is one of the best games with awesome graphics and sceneries. It has been taking the gaming industry by storm and many people have been playing this game over all the others. This game is highly recommended for players.

It is an enjoyable game that is enticing and would immerse you into the skies. This gaming software is one of the best and unbelievably good.

It has almost all the airports in the world with wonderful scenery and flying experience.

Virtual Pilot 3D experience is available with a Free VIP membership. You can get free monthly updates that are free for life.

There are a number of positive testimonials that have been speaking about by people who have played the game.

Best Flight Simulator Currently On The Market.

By Thomas Giles (AOL Editor)
Weslaco, TX

“VirtualPilot3D is the best Flight Simulator currently on the market. It has awesome graphics and unique structure, and it is one of the best in the gaming industry at the moment. It is highly recommended for all flight sim fans.”

Exceptionally Fun & Enjoyable Flying Game.

By Rosy Dales (Professional Pilot)
Midlothian, United Kingdom

“As a professional pilot in the real world, I really enjoyed VirtualPilot3D game. If you are a real pilot who is new to the industry this is the software for you. Realism is extremely good and the ATC characteristic is great. This is the best game I have so far played
if you are looking for an exceptionally fun and enjoyable flying game, this is the one to grab.

The virtual pilot Has Every Single Airport In The World! ”

By Huber hale

Midlothian, United Kingdom

“The most amazing thing about the VirtualPilot3D game is that it has every single airport in every single city in every single state in every single country in every single continent! The flying experience is realistic and it has nearly every city in the game that can be played in.

     Free Updates with VIP membership

    Updates about new aircraft models would be offered to you for free. You can opt for a deluxe membership package at least $39.95Per Month. You can order now to get all future upgrades for free for life. You can also get instructions via emails and newsletters for immediate download so that you are updated with the latest information on aircraft additions and new maps.

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    How is the experience of Virtual Pilot 3D like?

This game is definitely worth dollars. Why is it so? This is because the game has a number of features along with professional grade simulators that cost a good deal of money. All commercially available simulators cost more than $100 with all the additional upgrades.

You can get this game at a discounted price of $67 instead of $137

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This game is available for instant download. So wear your seat belt and your cap and start flying today! Explore the whole world in a short span of time. If you have a slow Internet connection, you can order for the 4-DVD physically shipped edition! This can be downloaded right away.

         How can you order for the game?

Click the button on the order form and you would be redirected to a secure order page. You can then download Virtual Pilot 3D and all the other bonuses in a matter of minutes. You can get instant access after the enrollment has been successful. Apart from that you would also get lifetime membership and lifetime updates.

If you still feel that you need to know more about the virtual reality game before opting for the same, you can go through these Questions and answers

    What are the minimum system requirements for the game?

This flight simulator game is compatible with just about any hardware and computer unlike other games the minimum system requirements are:

OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP and MAC
Processor: Dual-core CPU @1. 8 GHz or better
PC Memory: 2 GB RAM
Space: 5GB
Graphics: Direct X compatible card with 512 MB

This game can be played with a number of processors as well as 9 systems together. If you have a fast computer then it will run on a higher setting.

Is the game compatible with Windows or Mac?

Yes. This game can be played on Windows 7,8,10, 64 bit, 32 bit systems as well as Windows XP, Vista. It can also be played on the Mac system.

Is Virtual Pilot 3D hard to install?

Virtual Pilot 3D is not at all hard to install. In fact, it takes just 8 minutes for the installation setup. The game makes flying a great experience and is fun, exciting and user friendly as well.

      Does the game come in a DVD edition

Yes. The game is available in a DVD edition. After you have purchased the game, you can also specify the address and you would receive a 4-DVD physical edition so that it would not be necessary for you to download anything from your computer in case it runs slow.

   Is it just a onetime payment or are there any subsequent charges?

No. You would have to pay only once. There are no hidden charges or no extra money that is to be paid later. You would receive free updates for life.

         Can the product be returned?

Since the product is digital in nature, there are no options of refund after the game has already been downloaded. You can, however, receive a 50% discount for all future updates of Virtual Pilot 3D if you are unsatisfied with the game.

Can the game be played with a Mouse and a keyboard?

Yes. The game can be played with a mouse and a keyboard. You can, however, switch to advanced methods if you want to in future.

Does the game support multiple monitors, or any other hardware setup?

The Virtual Pilot 3D game supports up to 9 multiple monitors as well as a Track IR system. It also supports all kinds of flight hardware products including yokes, flight pedal, rudders and more.

The virtual pilot 3D is an interesting and realistic game that offers some of the best experience to players who would like to be a pilot. It is one of the leading flight simulator games compared to all other flight simulator games. Finding a good and realistic simulator is not easy. The 3d simulator is one of the best with improved and enhanced features, standard departure and approach procedures, that would also provide you with some of the best opportunities of training. You can also read reviews and watch the videos on the Internet if you want to find out whether this game is a good one.

Fasten your seat belts and put yourself in the pilot’s seat in your most favorite plane and start exploring the world. Fly to different countries and enjoy your ride in the pilot’s seats. Try out this game and you are sure to love the game.

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